Respect the speed limit

Fokker Logistics Park allows a speed limit of 30 km/hr. Park security regularly checks the speed of passers-by to guarantee your safety.

Aside from (motor)cycle paths and pedestrian areas, there are also transportation movements, crossings, entries and driveways throughout the Park, which make this speed limit a necessity. For the time being, the agreement is that Park security will only intervene when speeding at 40 km/hr. Speeding to up to 59 km/hr will result in a warning. Speeding at 60 km/hour or more will result in a month’s ban of the culprit and their vehicle from the premises for a whole month.

Speed violations last year

During 2015, there were 95 speed violations, 13 of which resulted in a month’s ban from the premises for the culprits. There were also 2 accidents incurring great damage to vehicles in the same year. Fortunately, nobody was harmed. These results mean that Park security needs to continue frequently checking speed limits.