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Complementary Services

Overview of our services

Besides the centrally provided services, ParkManagement FLP also offers complimentary services to our Park users. The goal of these services is to provide a laid-back experience to our Park users and offer tenants reliable services at competitive prices. By joining our services, you and all other companies in our Park can gain financial profit.

You can create your own complementary package by choosing one or more of the following services:


Service levels can be determined per location. Preventative maintenance agreements can be defined per building including technical maintenance to all installations and elements. We offer you a tailored maintenance package in cooperation with renowned maintenance companies, such as maintenance for (industrial) doors and levellers, air conditioning and heating systems, burglar alarm operators, (manual) fire extinguishing devices, door and window furnishings and lighting, among others.

If you are troubled by an interference, we can help by processing any problem as fast as possible, professionally and efficiently. We can offer 24/7 coverage of interference dispatching.

You can reach out to ParkManagement for consultation, assistance and execution of any big or small renovations or other construction work. We can also arrange any necessary signs and permits as an added benefit.

We can offer advice on how to limit your waste and how to recycle or process it in the most environmentally-friendly manner due to the closed framework ParkManagement has with several renowned companies. We can also arrange for you to properly dispose of any unnecessary devices or residue.

A clean building is essential not only to hygiene but also to an efficient work environment. We offer a tailored cleaning agreement for all your office and business spaces.

You can select day or night periods from our offer to help you prevent slippery roads due to snow or frost during Winter.

Additional to Park security, we offer you a package to secure your leased facilities. This includes both (advice on) technical facilities and providing security guards. We can also provide a guard to conduct fire and closing rounds as well as process any emergency alarms.