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Tenant Overview

Fokker Logistics Park houses a wide variety of tenants dedicated to various commercial activities. Our services are available to your company and all others, allowing every one of them within the Park to benefit. If you are interested in being one of our tenants, we would love to hear from you.

In the years we’ve been on the Fokker site, the park has grown into a sustainable logistics park that suits a responsible enterprise.

Fokker Services



Founded in 1982, the company has been expanding all over the world and is renowned for its custom-made services and innovative supply. In January 1997, Aramex was the first Arabic company to share their trade on the NASDAQ stock exchange. After five years of successful trades, Aramex became private property in February 2002. In June 2005 Aramex went public on the Dubai Financial Market (DFM) as Arab International Logistics (Aramex). The stock trade went under the name of ARMX. Nowadays, the company offers employment to over 15,000 people on more than 354 locations in 60 countries. Aramex offers worldwide services such as expedition, logistics, warehousing, information management solutions, e-business solutions and online shopping services.

ECMS International Logistics

ECMS International Logistics Limited company (Chinese name: Yi Ke Man [易客满], henceforth known as ‘ECMS’) was founded in 2013. ECMS is a technology company dedicated to bring value to organization and individual consumer through e-commerce platform, affiliate marketing, cross-border logistics and fulfilment services.

ECMS has established strategic relationships with well-known domestic and foreign enterprises. Our service network covers the United States, Europe, Japan, China, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia. ECMS operates logistics and distribution centers in Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Amsterdam, London, Seoul, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Tianjin, Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou.

ECMS’s strategic goal is to reduce the complexity and obstacle in cross-border e-commerce and create better shopping experiences for both retailers and their customers.


Evides Industriewater specialises in custom-made goods. They distribute several types of processed water from precleaned surface water to high-quality demineralized water. Evides is also one of the most prominent specialists in the field of wastewater purification: they purify the wastewater of companies within the Schiphol industrial area, in the Sloe area (Vlissingen), the Rotterdam Harbor (Botlek and Maasvlakte) and Delfzijl, as well as the domestic wastewater in Den Haag/Delft area through Delfluent.

By outsourcing wastewater purification, companies no longer need to invest in performing and maintaining their own wastewater treatment. Evides Industriewater designs, builds, finances and operates the installation based on DBFO contracts (Design, Build, Finance & Operate). In this way, wastewater becomes the best, sustainable and is being purified according to legislation in force, and therefore the company can focus on its core business.


CAE offers trainings in flight simulation for various commercial aeroplanes companies . On a yearly basis, AE trains over 1,500 pilots for more than 150 airlines. AE offers an unprecedented experience in Flight Crew Training with a diversity of their own flight simulators.

CAE offers a fully flight simulator education programme for Airbus, Boeing, ATR and Embraer commercial jets.

Fokker Services

Fokker Services Group is an independent aerospace company with global operations.

With five locations in Europe, Asia, and America, Fokker Services Group provides comprehensive solutions and is a key partner for regional, narrow-body, and wide-body platforms in the commercial, VIP, cargo, and defence markets. The organization offers a unique range of capabilities, products, and services, including “Modifications & Engineering Services” for the latest technical solutions; “Component & Material Services” such as Nose to Tail programs, exchange services, component repairs, parts manufacturing, and spare parts supply; “Airframe Services” for aircraft maintenance, including lease transitions and a paint shop; and “Aircraft Completion & Conversion Services” for executive, VVIP, and special mission aircraft.


With eleven interconnected data centers, NorthC is the largest regional data center company in the Netherlands. Additionally, NorthC has two data centers in Germany and three in Switzerland. NorthC’s customers include large organizations and government institutions as well as cloud and IT service providers in addition to smaller enterprises. NorthC distinguishes itself through its strong local presence in the various regions, high-quality services, and customized connectivity and hybrid cloud solutions. NorthC wants to be completely carbon neutral by 2030, based on four sustainability pillars: 100% green energy, green hydrogen, making optimal use of the residual heat of the data centers and modular construction.

GXO Logistics

XPO Logistics is a global top ten supplier of advanced supply chain solutions for the most successful companies in the world, world renowned as one of the biggest and most complete suppliers of transport, logistics and freight forwarding.

XPO Logistics operates from over 21 different locations in The Netherlands, with its headquarters in Eindhoven. Over 3,200 employees dedicate themselves daily to the supply chain challenges of several clients regardless of how different or specific these challenges may be. The company owns more than 615,000 square feet of storage and approximately 200 vehicles, to carry out all possible logistic and transport activities. In The Netherlands, XPO stands out due to its expertise in the retail, e-commerce, fashion and food sectors.

BBV Logistics

BBV Logistics was founded in 2008 by Kelly Bunsee and Rick de Vre. Both Kelly and Rick possess extensive knowledge and experience in the field of transport and cargo handling. The focus has always been on offering freight forwarders and retailers a comprehensive service package, particularly providing advice to their clients to deliver innovative, reliable, and high-quality services.

Since 2018, BBV has also been active in handling cargo for offline air freight companies.

Today, BBV Logistics Support is a neutral cargo handling company located at Schiphol Airport, offering an extensive range of services to freight forwarders, airlines, transport companies, fulfilment and e-commerce companies, as well as storage solutions for retail businesses.

Apex Logistics International

Established at the start of the new millennium, Apex Logistics International is a growing Global Supply Chain Solutions Provider with a diverse cultural background. Founded in China c.a. 20 years ago. Today’s Apex is already a leading global service provider of essential supply chain solutions, our service covers air freight, ocean freight, contract logistics, road and railway freight, supply chain management and Apex own-controlled customs brokerage service. This confirms our footprint in over 70 nations, with a current operation of 44 Apex offices, all fully branded.

Apex Global Logistics (NL) B.V, founded in 2015 offers comprehensive one-stop solutions for the entire supply chain. Having earned recognition in the European market, we are currently in the process of organizational expansion and the improvement of our competitive strengths, all geared towards providing enhanced services to our clients.


WWT is a financially strong, privately held global technology service provider with over 30 years of experience helping the world’s largest and most innovative organizations think differently about technology and how it can drive their business forward.

We’ve got smart people who can help you learn about the latest tech, acquire new skills and train your team on the solutions integral to your organization’s success.

NNR Global Logistics Netherlands BV

NNR is a member of the Nishitetsu Group that boasts a rich history and has been acknowledged as a provider of high quality products since it’s foundation at the beginning of the previous century. NNR Global Logistics has enjoyed similar and continued organic growth since our business was first licenced in 1948.

NNR will strive to draw on our group’s management resources, further refine our products and services, and improve our corporate value. In order to inform as many people as possible of our vision for the future, we came up with a new corporate message: “Connecting your dreams”


Masimo (NASDAQ: MASI) is a global medical technology company that develops and manufactures a wide range of cutting-edge monitoring technologies, including innovative measurements, sensors, and patient monitors. Powered by the Masimo Hospital Automation™ platform, Masimo’s connectivity, automation, telehealth, and telemonitoring solutions enhance and automate healthcare delivery both in the hospital and beyond. Additionally, Masimo is home to a growing range of consumer health and wellness solutions such as the Masimo W1™ smartwatch and the Stork™ baby monitor, as well as audio devices from legendary audio brands like Bowers & Wilkins® and Denon®.