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Park Facilities

Services, quality and safety

Cooperative Association Anthony Fokker Logistics manage all facilities at Fokker Logistics Park. Daily surveillance is outsourced to ParkManagement FLP, a professional company daily at the Park and, therefore, easily reachable by tenants.

Security is one of the most important core values of Fokker Logistics Park. All security measures are organized as integral as possible in coordination with our tenants. This makes it one of the highest security logistics parks in the Schiphol area.

All office and logistics areas in the Park are equipped with a sprinkler system which is supplied by a fire extinguishing facility. All building alarms are sent to the regional emergency centre and the Fokker Logistics Park security team. We guarantee fast response to any alarms.

The Cooperation covers the costs for all power, which allows us to offer all power supply to all tenants at a very reasonable cost. All electricity is, of course, 100% environmentally friendly.

We provide excellent care for all outdoor areas within the Park to create an enticing and sustainable environment around the buildings.

The Cooperation ensures a clean and presentable outdoor environment in order to prevent pest-inducing garbage.

Since good and clean access to all buildings is key, we maintain all roads and cycle paths all year round – especially against winter’s slippery road conditions –, including all sign posts and public lighting.

The Park’s sewage system is divided into three separate systems: drain water is conducted into the Evides sewage disposal system; rain water coming from nearby roads is first cleansed from truck fuel, sand or mud by two metal filters with oil separators before being disposed of together with other clean rain water collected from roofs and other water bodies.