Signing in for visitors and carriers

Lately it seems that the number of non-registered visitors and carriers that have signed in at the entrance of Fokker Logistics Park (FLP) has increased. This results in waiting lines and extra work for the Park Security. We want to improve this with the help of adjusting the entrance system.

Several users have let us know that it is frequently not possible for visitors to sign in using their licence plate. Often the visitor’s or carrier’s vehicle entering FLP is unknown to the security.To solve this problem the decision has been made to develop a new option for the Smartloxs system when it comes to signing-in for visitors.

Pass code

If you don’t have the license plate information, it will be possible to have the Smartloxs system generate a unique pass code for the designated visitor. You can pass on the code to your visitor or carrier. When they arrive, the code can be used at any of the vehicle entrances of FLP. Access will be provided within the given time lock of your choice (similar to the current system).

Update entrance system

We’re currently working on introducing a complete update to the current entrance system (Smartloxs version 2.0) for 2016. The goal is to improve the system utilisation. Also, improvements will be made to system stability. As soon as we know more about this, you will hear from us. If you have any suggestions or wishes regarding the update, we would love to hear from you.